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Senior Reviewer

Jack Burden joined the review staff of CEAG Inc. in May 2003 after finishing his graduate work at Harvard University. He has been reporting on consumer electronics and conducting product reviews for more than seven years. Focusing on the audio-visual segment of the electronics market has given him first-hand knowledge of flat-panel display design, manufacturing, and distribution processes. He is on hand when a company like Sharp opened its state-of-the-art LCD glass plant, and has been a guest of Panasonicís plasma manufacturing facility in Osaka Japan. He attends the CE tradeshows such as CES and CEDIA.

Jack writes as an insider. He has contributed extensively to CE trade publications and news articles, among them Electronic Display World, TWICE, Audio Video Magazine, and Widescreen Review and has been published in The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Technology Today, The Boston Business Journal, and Earth Times.

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